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What is Plastic Surgery?

By definition, we can say that plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that deals with improving a person’s appearance. But it is not limited to that. It also deals with the reconstruction of defected tissues on facial and other areas throughout the body. These defected tissues may be caused due to various illnesses, traumas, or hereditary complications. In short, plastic surgery is the structural restoration of all kinds of defects and deformities on the body for functional and aesthetic purposes.

Birx for plastic surgery and hair transplantation

In these operations, surgeons use healthy tissues that are similar in texture and other characteristics to fix deformities. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. These operations require cutting-edge instruments and expertise on the surgeon’s side. Handling the donor tissue without damaging it and being able to align the tissues precisely can only be mastered with experience.
Many people believe that the word plastic in plastic surgery comes from the commonly used synthetic substance “plastic”. However, it stems from the Greek word plastikos, which means to form or mould. Plastic that we commonly use in all kinds of products in the modern world also got its name from this Greek word.

History of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeries date back to ancient times. Archaeological findings and ancient texts show us that practitioners performed these operations in around 600 BCE. These findings also reveal that techniques that these practitioners used were quite advanced. They were able to reconstruct mutilated noses by utilizing tissues grafted from the cheek of the patient.

The techniques practitioners had used in these operations were taken to the next level in the Renaissance. By utilizing advanced tools and implementing new techniques, the practitioners in this period could reconstruct more complex wounds.

The term plastic in this context was first used in the 19th century by a German surgeon named Karl Ferdinand von Gräfe. He somewhat laid the foundations of modern plastic surgery. Being a surgeon during the Napoleonic Wars allowed him to perfect his methods, making him one of the best plastic surgeons of his time.

Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures

As we have mentioned before, patients undergo plastic surgeons for two main reasons: To enhance their appearance or to improve their ability to function.

Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries focus on enhancing the patient’s appearance. They allow patients to improve their aesthetic appeal. Thanks to the advanced laser technologies, some of these operations, such as hair removal treatments, don’t even require cutting and stitching. Here is a list of various cosmetic surgeries:

  1. Rhinoplasty, which is the technical term for nose reshaping surgeries
  2. Chin Enhancement
  3. Facelift
  4. Eyelid Lift
  5. Neck Lift
  6. Botox
  7. Fillers
  8. Breast Augmentation
  9. Breast Reduction
  10. Tummy Tuck, which firms and flattens the belly
  11. Breast Lift
  12. Liposuction
  13. Gynecomastia Treatment (male breast reduction).

In order to obtain proper information about these operations, you can get in touch with our clinic.

Reconstructive Surgeries

Reconstructive procedures focus on fixing the defects on the face or body of the patient. These defects could be caused by birth disorders, traumas, burns, tumours, infections, and illnesses. Here is a list of various reconstructive procedures:

  1. Hand Surgeries
  2. Scar Revision Surgeries
  3. Burn Repair Surgeries
  4. Breast Reconstruction (generally for women who got through breast cancer)
  5. Extremity Defect Repair
  6. Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Surgeries
  7. Birth Defect Repairs

Although experts categorize Plastic Surgeries under two types, they are essentially the same operations with different purposes. Contact us if you want to learn which procedures will help you achieve your objectives. We provide our patients with a consultation that would help them have a better understanding of what to expect.


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